To book a Symphonic Pops show, please contact my booking agent Marylin Rosen with some details about your event dates and times below.


Detroit Area Bookings/Private Events

For Detroit  area bookings or if you would like to book a private event, please contact me direct:

Dave Bennett

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I may be on the road but I check my emails as often as possible so please be patient and I will be in touch shortly.

Upcoming Shows

17 Jul 2019 at Anderson Enrichment Center
18 Jul 2019 at Meadow Brook Hall
19 Jul 2019 at Rec Bowl
21 Jul 2019 at Michigan Jazz Festival
24 Jul 2019 at St Johns City Park
27 Jul 2019 at ClarinetFest2019
30 Jul 2019 at Orion Township Summer Concert Series
31 Jul 2019 at Rec Bowl
01 Aug 2019 at Bix Beiderbecke Jazz Festival
02 Aug 2019 at Bix Beiderbecke Jazz Festival

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