The Memphis Speed Kings

Dave Bennett - Piano, Vocals, Lead Rhythm 

Gino Meregillano - Guitar, Vocals

Joe Jazdzewski - Bass

Hal Smith - Drums


The Memphis Boys play the vintage Rockabilly and Rock 'n' Roll music of Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Chuck Berry and others.


The band was formed in 2009, when jazz clarinetist Dave Bennett and drummer Hal Smith discovered a mutual admiration for the music of "The Killer" -- Jerry Lee Lewis.  In addition to his talent as a clarinet virtuoso, Dave is also an ace "pumpin' piano man" in the Jerry Lee tradition.  Hal has played with many of the best traditional jazz and swing bands in the U.S., but also enjoys playing old school Rockabilly style drums.


Guitarist Gino Meregillano has played with the Hayriders, Guana Batz and his own Lone Gunmen.  Bassist Joe Jazdzewski has appeared with the Paladins, the Cash Kings and legendary bluesman James Harman.


Look for a room full of happy Rockabilly fans and a dance floor with a "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" and you have found the Memphis Speed Kings!

Upcoming Shows

23 Jan 2020 at JazzFest at Sea
24 Jan 2020 at JazzFest at Sea
25 Jan 2020 at JazzFest at Sea
26 Jan 2020 at JazzFest at Sea
27 Jan 2020 at JazzFest at Sea
28 Jan 2020 at JazzFest at Sea
30 Jan 2020 at Nikolas
01 Feb 2020 at Shields Pizza
08 Feb 2020 at First United Methodist Church
14 Feb 2020 at Duke Center for the Performing Arts

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